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Access Control Systems - What are the Options?

Access Control Systems are a popular alternative to more traditional type of access security. Landlords, business owners and owners of larger properties used to have to rely on the cutting and distribution of keys to various people who were to be granted access, which also required a level of trust to be built with each individual who receives one so placing the responsibility of keeping the building secure, in their hands. Access Control Systems reduce the risk and provide a more flexible option.

Access can only be granted into a property guarded by an Access Control System via various security identifiers, such as eye-lock scanners, fingerprint scanners, voice readers, swipe cards, and electronic key codes, giving you a choice in the level of protection you want to install, which can be determined following a security survey and risk assessment.


Which Security Identifier is the most accurate?


eye scanning securityBiometric authentication will be the most accurate and will present the highest level of access control security, but it is also the most expensive. Iris Scanning is by far the most accurate security identifier, is more popular than retina-scanning as it is quicker to scan, and both techniques present impressive false-positive rates of just 1 in 1.5 million, beaten only by the accuracy of a DNA sample.Second to the eye scanners is the fingerprint scanner, and as it is also a biometric method of authentication, it offers a good false-positive rate of just 1 in 10,000. Fingerprint access control systems are now widely available and are suitable for home and business use.


The most widely used, and least expensive type of Access Control Systems, work with electronic key codes, key cards or key tags and many devices. At Rocks Locks we install access control systems from the Yale Smart Security System range, which offer a staggering 1,000,000 possible combinations.


What are the benefits of using an Access Control System?


The main benefit is that you don’t need to worry about people duplicating keys, lost keys, or being locked out. People who are granted access are given either their own personal access code, or the same code is provided to all who need access.


An Access Control System can also be customisable to each user, so if one person needs to be granted access to more secure areas of the building than a lower ranking member of staff, then this minimises the risk of people entering into areas they shouldn’t be in.

  • Lower risk than key control
  • Customisable to suit needs and requirements
  • Remote access possible
  • Reports and History logged

Access Control Systems for the Home


yale smart lockFor home owners, it may feel strange to think about using a keypad or a swipe card to gain access to your property when you have always used a traditional lock and key, but if you want the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with an access control system, then it really is worth the investment.


Another great benefit is that you can also allow remote access, for example if you need to let your neighbour in to feed a pet because you are delayed coming home, or a friend arrives early and you are happy to let them in. nefit is when you have older children who want to be more independent. With an Access Control System, you won’t need to worry about giving them a key that can easily be lost and resulting in them being locked out of home – instead you can give them a key code which they will remember, meaning your child can always gain entry, reducing worry for you.


There are many ways in which an Access Control Systems can work to complement your lifestyle and make things just that little bit more convenient.


If you are interested in upgrading your home or office security with an Access Control System, Rocks Locks in Camberley, Surrey is a family-run business who can source and install a system to suit your requirements. For further information, please visit or call Stuart on 07900 335525 for advice or to book a FREE Security Survey.

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