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Commercial security options to protect your business

Whatever size your business, you will undoubtedly want to have peace of mind that your business premises are secure and the contents are protected from theft or damage from unwanted intruders.
A survey of 500 small to medium sized businesses conducted by *Populus in 2015 found that more than 50% of the companies had been targeted by crime, costing the owners up to £25 million in damage and recovery costs.

Theft doesn’t only cost a business money, the repercussions of such an event can have a lasting impact on both staff and the business itself.

What security systems are currently on the market that will protect your business?

commercial cctv

CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV is widely used in public spaces and on private commercial premises. The sky is the limit as far as video surveillance is concerned, but there are many reasonably priced systems on the market that will suit the needs of most small businesses. Most have day and night operation, many systems now provide high definition images, and some are wireless and can be managed via an app for remote monitoring and operation. It is advisable to have a security survey undertaken before investing in CCTV so you can be sure the cameras can be positioned in the right places so that all vulnerable areas are covered.

Upon installing CCTV, you will need to put up a sign that lets people know that CCTV is in operation and why it is being used. For further information on compliance with Data Protection laws, please visit

Access Control Systems

Access Control enables you to restrict the movement of individuals throughout the building. For example, there may be sensitive areas or hazardous areas that you don’t wish all staff to have access to. Not only do access control systems restrict the movements of employees and others who frequently use the premises, but they are also very effective in keeping out intruders.
Access Control systems can be operated with electronic key codes, key cards or key tags but if you require high level security, then there is also an option to use access systems with biometric authentication, such as iris or fingerprint scanning.

Alarm Systems

Most business premises have an alarm of some description but how effective is your alarm system? Does it protect the whole building and all access routes? Can it be by-passed? When was it last tested? Alarm systems can be as sophisticated as your budget will allow, so to ensure your business is protected to the highest level for the budget you have available, we recommend you have a security check so you can feel reassured it is adequate for your needs.

Rocks Locks is a local locksmith offering commercial security solutions to help protect business premises. We will first survey the premises to enable us to provide a proposal on the right security to meet your needs and budget. For further information on the locksmith and security solutions provided by Rocks Locks, please visit or call Stuart on 07900 335525.
*Source: -results from 500 businesses surveyed in 2015

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