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Through the Keyhole

You have had a new key cut, you insert it into the lock but the key sticks. No matter how hard you jiggle, the key just won’t come out. Don’t despair – all you need is some WD-40 and a little bit of patience.

Keys Stuck in Locks - try this!

Try turning the key all the way left and then all of the way right in the lock.

  • Reposition the key so that it is vertical in the lock.
  • Gently try to pull the key out. Do not force it.
  • If it is still not budging, spray some WD-40 into the lock – it should slide out without too much trouble.
  • Once removed, spray more WD-40 into the lock and onto the key.
  • Wipe the key with a paper towel.
  • Insert the key back into the lock, and try again.

Top Tip -Do not use white lithium grease or similar lubricants. These lubricants are not made for locks, and can cause problems.

Your key should now work well, but if you are still experiencing problems the key may need to have some rough spots filed away.  

Stuart Rock is a Checkatrade Approved, fully certified locksmith. Please call 07900 335525 or visit for further information and advice.


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