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Could your locks be easily picked?

Picking a lock is generally achieved by using tools that replicate the same position as a key. Although it’s not a quick task for an intruder, it is possible to pick or bump most common domestic locks.

Also, the mechanism of a traditional lock wears down over time. This can make it weaker and more susceptible to picking or bumping.

locksmith lock pickingCan my door lock be picked?

Any lock that uses a physical key can be picked. The most common locks on domestic doors are mortice, Yale and euro cylinder locks.

Key bumping is another technique that’s used for opening locks with pin tumblers such as euro cylinder locks found on uPVC doors. A master key manipulates elements in the lock cylinder – used with a hammer or rubber mallet, it can force a key into the keyhole.

Can I make a lock more resistant?

You can increase the level of difficulty of picking or bumping by having extra sets of tumblers within a lock. This makes it more resistant to manipulation.

Another way to make your locks more secure is to add deadbolts. These locking mechanisms are different from a spring bolt lock. They can’t be moved except by rotating the key.

Pick and bump resistant lock designs

A Mul-T-Lock has a pin within a pin design with keys drilled to precise depths to engage the pins. This makes it extremely difficult to manipulate. This type of lock is similar in design to the euro cylinder lock and is generally installed on a uPVC door.

Alternatively, Medeco locks work by raising the lock to a specific level and turning in a certain direction before the key will operate. This makes it much harder to bump the lock. A variation of the lock with lever cylinders can be used for uPVC doors and one for mortice locks on wooden doors.

Choose keyless alternatives

However, to avoid the risk of lock picking or bumping, you can opt for a keyless lock.

A keyless deadbolt has the advantages of a traditional lock but without the use of keys. Instead, you enter an access code to lock and unlock the door. A keypad lock has a different design without cylinder mechanisms, so it can’t be picked or bumped in the way a conventional lock can.

Smart locks are another option as you operate the lock via a mobile phone. The lock is controlled by your phone or a fob device – so no key cylinder is needed. You can set multiple access codes or give devices to family and friends to gain access.

Benefits of keyless locks

Keyless locks are especially popular for commercial premises with multiple employees. In terms of security, a keyless access control system offers increased protection as physical keys can be lost, stolen or copied.

For homeowners, the major benefit of keyless locks is convenience, providing easy access without having to fumble for keys. Keyless locks are easy to install. It’s a simple process with minimal disruption to make the change from a traditional lock to a keyless/smart lock.

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