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Keep your children safe with childproof locks

It’s easy just to focus on the kitchen when you install childproof locks. But to ensure the safety of your children you should do a thorough assessment of the whole house and look at both doors, windows and cabinets.

Exterior door locks

The last thing you want is for your child to be able to open the front or back door and wander off without you knowing.

Your exterior doors should have strong locks anyway, and installing a deadbolt and door chain will make them even more secure. Fix the deadbolt and the chain high enough above the door handle to ensure your child can’t reach them.

Try and get into the habit of pulling the chain across every time you come in and close and lock the door behind you.

Internal door locks

As well as external doors, it helps to have some form of lock on your internal doors. You may want to secure access into any rooms such as the kitchen or utility room where there are hazardous cleaning materials.

Securing an internal door could be a simple matter of a flip-lock. When the flip is closed, it will stop children from being able to get through the door. You just need to flip it to open.

Another option is to put a top lock on the door and door frame that locks and unlocks from both sides of the door. This can be fitted at the top of the door so children can’t reach it, but adults can simply reach up and unlock to gain access.

Window locks throughout

It’s important to have window locks throughout your home if you have children. A child could be seriously injured if they’re able to open an upper window. In fact, even ground floor windows can be hazardous for small children if they fall out.

Also, with ground floor windows, children could open them, climb out and wander off. There are some locks that will enable you to open the window a fraction and then lock it in this position. Or you could get a restrictor, which will only allow your window to open to a set degree.

Locks in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most hazardous room in the house for a small child. Little ones will want to explore cupboards and are attracted to brightly colour liquids such as toxic detergents. Shiny dishwasher tablets have also been mistaken for sweets.
It’s essential to fit childproof locks on any cabinets containing toxic materials, knives and other sharp objects and heavy items that can be pulled out on top of a child.

There are many different cabinet locks to choose from. Some have indicators that let you know when the door is securely locked. Green will indicate the door is secure while red shows it’s open.

You could opt for a magnetic locking system that can be installed inside cabinets and drawers. A magnetic key is all that’s needed to open them.

Locks in the bathroom

Hazardous items such as painkillers and other medicines may be stored in the bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to make sure these are kept high up out of reach or fit a lock on the bathroom cabinet to keep any poisonous items out of harm’s way.

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