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Your door is only as strong as its frame

The door frame is often overlooked as a potential security weakness, but a door is only as strong as its frame.


A solid oak front door is likely to make you feeling secure because who can break in through an oak door, especially if it has a 5 lever mortice deadlock or a similar locking device which complies with BS3621.


A deadlock is one of the hardest locks to pick, but if the frame hasn't been well-maintained in recent years, and especially if it's a timber frame, then your frame will present a burglar with an opportunity to good to miss. A burglar will force entry by levering the frame to loosen the door enough release the mortice lock from the recess in which is usually sits.


Inspecting your timber door frame

Timber frames are susceptible to weathering and insect infestation. Just one small crack is enough to allow water to penetrate and decomposition of wood then begins. Regular checks of the timber condition is recommended and treating and sealing with varnish or exterior paint will also prolong the life of the frame.


If you have a uPVC door frame, check around the edges for cracks and holes that may allow water to penetrate behind the frame. Although uPVC won’t rot, trapped water behind the frame can cause decay in bricks and mortar over time and this will make it easier for someone to lever the frame out of position.

Forced Entry results in Lock & Door Repairs

Rock Locks are often called out to assist Surrey Police in securing a property following a break-in. The force of the entry will generally dictate the amount of damage, but often it is not just a lock repair that is required, but also repairs to the door and the frame. Where the damage is so severe it is beyond repair, we will secure the property by boarding up the access point as a temporary measure and will provide a quote on request to replace the damaged lock, door or window at a convenient time.


If you do notice signs of wear & tear and aren't sure if this may compromise the security of your home or business, then give us a call. We will be happy to undertake a free security check of all windows & doors and provide guidance & advice on whether they are a security concern. For further details, please call Stuart on 07900 335525 or visit

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