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How does Smart Security work and what are the benefits?

Simply put, smart security combines multiple security elements and connects them to a central hub. The benefit of this is that you can monitor and control a host of security products from your smartphone or laptop.

Whereas you would once buy devices such as cameras, locks, sensors, lighting, smoke and burglar alarms as standalone items, you can now combine them to form a smart security system that works in tandem.

Smart security systems for home and business

Central to a smart security system is an alarm, sensors and wireless cameras. Connect these to the internet, and you have the ability to view and control your home or business premises from wherever you are.

Sensors can be placed outdoors, indoors, in every room or just at entry points; the same goes for cameras. You can start with one or two and add more to the system as and when required.

Plus, if you don’t want to rely on your mobile phone, you can choose to have a smart security remote control that you can carry with you.

The flexibility of smart sensors

Many sensor systems are not installed for security. For example, Hive motion sensors can be used to turn on lights or thermostats when you walk into a room. You can easily install Hive motion sensors in any room, and then pair them with the Hive Hub and Hive App.

With these type of motion sensors installed, it makes sense to link them to your central security system. Therefore, if a Hive motion sensor picks up movement in your home when you’re not there, it will send an alert to your smartphone. You can even go back and see what the sensor has detected over the last seven days.

google home hub Internet-connected personal assistants

Internet-connected and voice-activated personal assistants such as Google Home Hub or Alexa from Amazon are becoming commonplace. Therefore, combining these systems with your home security system makes sense.

Google Home Hub is compatible with more than 5000 smart devices including lights, cameras, locks and alarms. You can control all your smart devices via a home display or with your voice. With Google Home Hub, a smart home dashboard lets you swipe down on the touchscreen to access each connected device such as lights, locks, and cameras.

New security features are being built-in

As more people start to use internet-connected personal assistants more security features are being built-in. In its latest update of Alexa, Amazon has included a number of security features under the name Alexa Guard.

Alexa Guard uses Echo devices to listen for noises that may be an indication of danger – it could be the sound of glass breaking or an alarm going off. An alert is then sent to your mobile phone with an audio clip of the sound it’s detected. Or you could integrate with Ring or ADT services, and have the alert forwarded to your security provider.

Away Lighting is another feature of Alexa Guard that can turn smart lights on and off intermittently to make it appear you are at home when you’re away.

Would you like expert advice on the latest smart security?

To find out how the latest smart security products can protect your home or business, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks. Stuart will conduct a FREE security survey and provide advice on the best security solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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