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Top 10 Tips for Securing an Empty Property

If you’re going on holiday, working abroad, or waiting for tenants to move in, you’ll want to be sure that your property is protected while it’s empty.

Whether the property is vacant for the short or long-term, these tips will help you ensure it stays safe and secure.

1) Make sure all windows are locked

Closing and locking all windows before you go away on holiday is sufficient. But If you have a property that’s going to be empty for longer and you worry that locked windows won’t be enough to keep intruders out, boarding may be the answer. Timber boarding is a cost-effective way to secure a vacant premises, particularly after a fire or other damage.

2) Secure all outbuildings

As well as making sure the doors and windows of your property are secure, you should also check sheds, garages or any outbuildings. Using heavy-duty locks works as both a physical and visual deterrent to intruders.

3) Check boundary fences are in good condition

If the vacant property is in a secluded spot or on an industrial site - or a high crime area, you should ensure your boundary fencing is in good order. High, secure fences will make it harder for intruders to enter the premises and will act as a deterrent.

4) Hide valuable items from view

This may sound obvious, but sometimes you may not appreciate how much can be viewed through your windows. It’s worth doing a visual check of what’s visible from the outside and lock away anything of value.

5) Ask neighbours to keep an eye out

If your property is in a residential area, it’s good to get to know the neighbours. You can then let them know when your place will be empty and ask them to look out for any suspicious behaviour. Give them your phone number so they’ll alert you to any damage to doors or windows and ask them to make sure post is pushed all the way through the letterbox.

6) Fit an alarm system

An alarm system with infra-red movement sensors that alerts you, or the relevant authorities, when your property has been broken into will enable prompt action in the event of a break-in. And by making the alarm prominent on the outside of the building, it will also act as a visual deterrent.

7) Install a CCTV camera

Another deterrent to intruders is a CCTV camera. The latest range of CCTV products includes HD cameras, night vision and recordable hard drive. You can link the cameras to a smart security system and view footage from them wherever you are on a PC or mobile device.

8) Put lights on timer

Lights inside the house can be put on timer switches, so they come on in the evening, giving the appearance that someone is home. It’s also advisable to have motion sensor lights fitted on the exterior of the property. Intruders will be put off if they are illuminated when they approach the building. The lights should be installed at entry points and to light any dark corners that could be used as hiding places.

9) Take advance of the latest smart technology

Instead of buying security lights, cameras and alarms as standalone items, you can link them all together with a smart security system. Each element is then connected to a central hub that allows you to monitor all your security products from your smartphone or laptop. The result is a comprehensive smart security system that works in tandem.

10) Get your property looked over by an expert

Finally, if your property is going to be left empty for an extended period of time, and you’re concerned about security, call in an expert.

Would you like expert advice on how to secure your empty property?

If you’d like to find out how the latest security products can improve the security of your property, whether residential or commercial, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks.

Stuart will conduct a FREE home security survey and provide advice on the best security solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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