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How to upgrade the security of your period property

The pleasure of owning a period property is being able to enjoy the character and charm of another era.

But a period property can also present a challenge in terms of security if you’re restricted on how you can modernise your home. But there are ways of protecting your house without compromising its appearance.

Keep all windows secure

If you can, install multi-point locking systems to your windows. These will be unobtrusive and can greatly enhance security. This may entail replacing the handles and hardware of the window rather than the panels, which will also help to prevent the windows from being forced open.

Older windows with wooden frame sashes are not as secure as modern alternatives, but you may be able to fit specialist sash window locks. Or, if you have iron window frames, there are specialist locks available that will lock the window in place so that it can’t be popped out.

Another option is to install collapsible grilles on the inside of the windows. These aren’t ideal for preserving the appearance of the property, but they can be folded away out of sight. Therefore, they may be an option to give additional protection during certain periods, such as when you’re absent from home.

However, the changes you can make very much depend on the restrictions that apply to your property. Your local council’s conservation officer will be able to advise you of the relevant criteria.

Improve the security of doors

As with your windows, install multi-point locking systems if you can.

If you have iron-framed doors or other period features that mean your exterior door isn’t as strong as a modern one, a simple trick is to turn it around. Doors that open outward are a lot harder to kick-in that an inward facing one.

Another area that criminals will target is a letterbox that allows them to push a rod through and steal keys or manipulate the door open. A letterbox cage on the inside of the door is an effective solution to this.

Install motion sensor alarms

The latest smart security solutions are perfect for period properties as they use technology to prevent intrusion.

Install window sensors that will activate an alarm whenever a window or door is opened. Motion sensors can also be connected to security lights that will come on when movement is detected. These act as a deterrent to intruders, especially if they light up public areas such as entry points.

There are now security lights available in period styles that would be compatible with the appearance of your property. You can also buy discreet alarm boxes in dark colours or wood effect, so they’re not too unsightly if fitted on the exterior of a building.

Alarms can be set to alert the homeowner or a security company. All aspects of smart home security can be linked, including alarms, lighting and CCTV. It becomes a simple matter to control your security via a home computer or mobile device such as your smartphone.

Would you like expert advice on upgrading the security of your period property?

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