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Ways to improve entrance door security

As the most used entry point to your home or business, your entrance door security is of paramount importance.

Here are some ways to give your entrance door extra layers of protection.

Check your door and frame

There’s no point fitting a high-quality lock if your entrance door or its frame is not robust enough.

Check your door for weak spots, particularly if it’s wooden. An intruder will easily force any areas that are rotten. Door frames should also be checked for any points of weakness. This includes making sure the frame is firmly secured to the surrounding wall.

Hinge bolts are an option if you’re worried about a door being forced from its hinges.

Install multi-point locks

A multi-point locking system offers a level of security above that of a standard locking system.

With a multi-point locking system, you can secure your entrance door at three separate points: the top, centre and bottom. You can opt for a multi-locking system that has extra bolts in the top and bottom of the frame or in the hinge side of the frame. Or you could have a system that automatically engages all the bolts when the door closes.

Replace keys with a digital entry system

The danger of your front door key falling into the wrong hands is eliminated if you install a digital entry system.

All that’s required for a keyless entry system is a PIN number that can be changed frequently. You can change permissions all the time, making it a simple matter to grant or deny access to people.

Keyless digital entry systems are ideal for rental properties as the landlord can control who has access to the property. Digital systems also work well on commercial premises where access cards or fobs can be used instead of PIN numbers.

Fit a front door chain

A straightforward way to add a layer of security to your entrance door is to install a chain. You can put the door on the chain when you’re not sure who’s outside. This allows you to open the door a fraction to ascertain who it is.

You can also put the chain on at night to give extra protection against anyone trying to force entry while you’re asleep.

Fix a guard over the letterbox

‘Fishing’ is when a burglar pushes a long wire through a letterbox in the hope of hooking your door key – or hooking your car keys if you’ve left them near to the door.

A simple way to prevent this tactic is to install a letterbox guard to prevent anything from being pushed through the door.

Fit entrance security lights

Entry point lighting acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. A motion detector will turn the light on if it spots any movement in the vicinity.

As soon as an intruder reaches the entrance door, they’ll be completely illuminated. An added benefit is that the light will come on automatically when you stand by your front door. So, if you come home in darkness, you can easily find your keys and open the door.

Outdoor lights can also be put on timer switches to come on automatically when it gets dark. This gives the appearance that someone is home.

Would you like expert advice on how to improve your entrance door security?

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