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Marking Up Valuables Against Theft

Home security is a priority for all of us. We all want to feel safe in our own homes and it’s perfectly natural to take precautionary measures to protect your loved ones and valuables from unwanted intruders.

SAFE CompactIt’s a good idea to have a home security survey check as this will identify any issues that could present an opportunity for an unwanted intruder to gain access. It could be that your window or door locks are quite old and could easily be forced, or your perimeter fencing is in need of repair. Whatever weaknesses are evident, you at least know what you need to consider to ensure your home and contents are as secure as they can be.

It isn’t, however, just access points that you need to think about, it is also advisable to look at how well protected your valuables are within the home.

It’s a good idea to reassess the value of your home contents items each time your Contents Insurance is due for renewal. In today’s throw-away society, we add to our home contents each year, and it’s easy to forget to itemise valuable items on the insurance policy when they are purchased, but doing so will at least insure them for their true value.

Investing in a home safe will provide added protection for smaller valuables. You can also get valuable jewellery professionally marked with laser engraving of your name and serial number which acts as a hallmark to you. There is also an option to use a forensic traceable liquid that has a forensic code which is visible under UV light and is registered to you. Taking a photograph of individual valuable items is also recommended, along with filing receipts, valuation certification and noting any identifying marks. At least if any of your valuables are stolen, it gives you the best opportunity to recover them.

immobitag solid frame

Garages and sheds are often targets for opportunistic burglary, and unfortunately many outbuildings don’t have the security that a home provides, so it does make them easier targets for burglars to chance their luck.

If you own a bike, you can insure it on your contents insurance, and you can also have your bike registered and the frame marked with your postcode in 2 separate locations.
The ImmobiTag RFID Bike Tag is an electronic bike ID that provides the owner with a unique ID contained within an electronic tag which is embedded into the bike frame and is almost impossible to remove. The ID is registered with the frame number and warning tag serial numbers on your bike. The ID number can be read by special scanners so if the bike is traced it can be easily identified and returned to its rightful owner.

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