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Where’s the best place to put a burglar alarm?

When it comes to securing your home, a burglar alarm offers increased protection and peace of mind.

There are a variety of intruder alarm systems on the market with different types of detectors to choose from, and it’s the positioning of these sensors that’s key to the effectiveness of the alarm.


yale home security alarmsWhere to place your intruder sensors

Some detectors can cover between 50 and 80 feet, and it’s advisable to put them where they will enjoy a clear outlook of a room. A corner that has a view of each entry point works well as the sensor will pick up on any changes in that room.

It’s also a good idea to position a motion sensor in the hallway leading to your main bedroom – in a spot where an intruder would have to walk by it. And don’t forget, burglars have been known to scale walls and enter through second-floor windows so also include an alarm along the route to second-floor bedrooms.

You can put motion sensors behind valuable items such as TVs, computers, and jewellery. A sensor can be hidden on the equipment itself, on the back of the TV, or on the wall behind. If a burglar moves the item, the sensor will trigger an alarm.

Less effective places for detectors

Motion sensors are best at detecting movement from side to side, rather than head on and will more readily pick up a burglar walking parallel than straight towards it, so bear this in mind when positioning.

Motion sensors, especially passive infrared sensors, measure changes in the ambient room temperature or infrared lighting and need a wide view to work properly. Avoid putting sensors directly across from a window as heat-activated motion sensors can become confused on hot days or when a cloud passes by blocking the light. You may also want to avoid positioning them near a hot air vent or radiator as a change in infrared heat could activate the alarm.

Additional sensors for gardens

Placing additional sensors outside to cover a patio leading to French windows or sliding patio doors is a good idea.

You can also fit sensors inside sheds, summerhouses and garages while the control panel is located safely inside the house. Using a wireless burglar alarm makes this easier to achieve as it offers more flexibility when it comes to moving sensors around.

Wireless burglar alarms

Wireless burglar alarms may be slightly more expensive than wired versions. However, they are a good investment and easy to install, which can reduce costs as you don’t have to plan how to run cables from one room to another.

A wireless keypad or remote control can be used to operate the alarm while the actual control panel can be hidden in a cupboard or somewhere unobtrusive. This makes installation simple as you can pick a location that is near to an existing power supply.

The latest wireless burglar alarms have anti-masking technology to avoid motion detectors from becoming deliberately obstructed. They also make it much easier to add new devices should you want to extend the range of your alarm system. It’s a simple matter to add a new detector to the wireless alarm and just program in the zone type.

Would you like expert advice on how to secure your property?

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