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Are drones the future for protecting property and land from intruders? 

There have been many articles recently on drones being used for security. It’s an interesting concept and one that’s being tested extensively in the US and Australia.

Although it’s not practical to use drones in this country for domestic security, there may come a time when they’re used for surveillance on large commercial premises.

How home security drones could work

A US-based start-up company is working on a concept that positions sensors to look like garden lights that can be dotted around the property. The lights illuminate the ground and are equipped with motion and vibration detectors.

They send alerts to a computer in the drone's base station. Signals can differentiate footfalls from car traffic and other non-threatening types of noise. The motion sensors can also distinguish if something is tall and narrow like a human, or shorter like a dog.

If the base station detects something it deems to be suspicious, it sends an alert to an app on your phone. That’s when you have the option of deploying a drone. The base station cover opens, and the drone flies out and pilots itself around obstacles. It flies at about 20 feet as it moves towards the suspicious area. You’re able to watch the video footage from the drone live on your phone. 1

Rules around using drones in the UK

There are a number of reasons why this concept is not suitable for domestic use in the UK.

If you’re using a drone for personnel use, you’re governed by the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Navigation Order 2016.

These regulations state:

  • You must know how to fly your drone safely and within the law.
  • You must understand the operator is legally responsible for every flight.
  • You must keep your drone in sight at all times.
  • You must not fly more than 400ft above the surface.
  • You should never fly your drone over a congested area, never fly within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control.
  • You must ensure any images you obtain using the drone do not break privacy laws.
  • You should never fly a drone near an airport or close to an aircraft.

If your drone is fitted with a camera, there are also a number of additional restrictions regarding where you can fly it, and how close you can fly it to uninvolved people or objects.

Drones aren’t a safe option for domestic security

In practical terms, you’re likely to break a number of these laws if you attempt to use drones as a home security measure - particularly if you live anywhere near an airport or airfield (of any size).

In recent years, drones have caused chaos at Gatwick airport and put lives at risks. The British Airline Pilots Association recorded 117 near misses between aircraft and drones throughout the UK between January and November 2018. 2

If you do want to use technology to improve your home security, then you should look instead at installing the latest smart home security products.

Smart home security systems are more effective

Smart home security systems use the latest technology to link each element of your home security.

Whereas you’d once buy products such as cameras, locks, sensors, lighting, smoke and burglar alarms as standalone items - you can now combine them to create a comprehensive home security system that works in tandem.

Smart security takes each security element and connects it to a central hub. You control this hub from your smartphone or laptop, allowing you to monitor your security whenever you want, from wherever you want.

Would you like expert advice on the latest smart home security?

To find out how the latest smart security products can protect your home or business, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks. Stuart will conduct a FREE security survey and provide advice on the best security solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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