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6 Ways to Improve Your Window Security 

1. Window sensors

To deter an intruder from trying to prise open a window, you can fit a contact alarm that will emit an alert when force is used to break in via a window.


However, an alarm like this can’t detect the difference between a window being opened rather than being forced. Instead, glass break sensors can be used to raise the alarm at the sound of breaking glass.


For ultimate window protection, you can use contact alarms and sensors together.

2. Infrared cameras

If you have windows that require extra security such as shop fronts, you can aim an infrared camera at the high-risk window. The camera will either start to record or transmit to a monitoring station when motion is detected.


For commercial premises, this can be sent live to your security personnel and is an excellent way to protect entrance points like windows and doors. You can link your sensors to the camera so that when an alert is emitted by the sensor, it will automatically trigger the camera to start recording.


3. Safety and privacy films

Large, expansive windows are increasingly popular but as well as letting in light they also allow potential intruders to see exactly what’s going on inside a building. By covering your windows with tinted privacy film, you can obscure the view of the inside, but still let in plenty of light and see clearly what’s going on outside.


Another option is a safety film, which can be used to protect occupants and interiors from shattered glass. These films are not shatterproof, but they help control the behaviour of glass fragments.


4. uPVC window repair and replacement

It’s not just glass that needs to be factored into your window security assessment. If your frames are beginning to deteriorate, then they also pose a risk. Wear and tear over the years can cause frames to weaken and it’s worth looking at uPVC repair or replacement.

uPVC framework is secure and durable and an ideal replacement for old wooden or metal frames.


5. Board up windows

If you have a property - residential or commercial - that’s going to be vacant for any period of time, it may be worth boarding up the windows to prevent vandalism and intrusion. Landlords and letting agencies often take this precaution with their vacant properties.


You may also require your windows to be temporarily boarded up if they are damaged. Whatever the reason, Rocks Locks provides a fast and efficient boarding up service to homes and businesses.


6. Window locks

It sounds obvious, but if you’ve got window locks you must make sure that you use them – your home insurance policy may not cover you if you don’t. Also, make sure you keep your window keys out of sight, otherwise an intruder may break the glass if they see them sitting on the window sill.


Rock Locks specialises in uPVC multi-point window and door locks and mechanisms and carry all the necessary spares to repair over 95% of common uPVC door and lock problems. This means we can usually make lock repairs and lock replacements in one visit, saving you time and money.


If you’d like to know how to improve the security of your windows, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks on 07900 335525.


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